Not all Readers are Leaders.

Not all readers are Leaders! Surprising, right? Yes! That’s exactly how it is.

The powers behind reading cannot be over emphasized. You need to read to become successful in life. You want to write, you must read first, you want to sing, you must read the lyrics, you want to be a leader, you must read. This is to say that reading is very essential even in our day to day activities.

We all hear about the adage “Readers are leaders” but only few actually understand the meaning. When you read, you’ve become leader automatically because you’ve gained something which you need to pass on to others. Only if you’re willing to put what you read in practice. You have the manuals to change things when you read.You have the abilities to change things to the positive side when you read.

However, being a leader does not necessarily mean being in a reputable position. It all means being able to impact positively to different lives, it means being able to develop yourself and others. It implies being able to read good books and put what you read in practice with the aim of inspiring others.

The kind of books you read will determine your progress in life. Many read books that won’t add value to their lives. They read books that will only do more harm than good to their lives. Why waste your time on pornographic magazines when there are motivational books to turn your life around? Why would you waste your time on earning money through dubious means when there are a lot of valuable books to read?

We all hear about motivational speakers, great leaders, great singers, great writers and poets and we aspire to be like them without us knowing the sacrifices and the books they’ve read to become what they are today.

Chinua Achebe was a renowned writer before his death. He read books and sacrificed a lot and today, history never fails to remember him.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is not left out. She got inspired when she read Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”. She strived hard and aspired to write also, following Chinua Achebe’s footprints and here she is today.

We have a lot of great men and women who became great as result of reading and more are still yet to come.

Dr Sevss said, “The more that you read, the more things you’ll know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

“Reading a good book is like taking a good journey.”
            Emma Gulliford.
Begin your good journey today!

If I had Fought for Abigail

I shouted “Oh my God!” as I watched Abigail being raped and brutalised by four men.

If only I had fought for her, if only I had let go of her past belligerent attitudes towards me, if only I had allowed bygone to be bygone. I lamented as hot tears rolled freely down my face.

Abgail was my friend from high school. We met while in JSS1 and we became friends almost immediately. We had so many things in common that people called us twins in school. Abigail was all I had when I became bitter, she’d be the one to encourage me during my crisis as a sickle cell patient. I was really indebted to her as she has done a lot for me.

We were good until a guy separated us when we got to the senior secondary school classes. His name was Mark. Mark was Abigail’s boyfriend but she got tired of him due to his lackadaisical attitude towards relationships. He was a real playboy. Abigail thought the only way to teach Mark a lesson and have him pay for all he did to her was to make me play him too. I was dumbfounded. “How do you expect me to play a guy?” I asked desperately but she patted me at the back and made the statement; “What are friends for if not for the help of each other?” Then I remembered all Abigail had done for me and I decided to take the risk of playing the Playboy so far it was not going to cost my life.

Abigail made Mark fall in love with me and since he was a playboy, it was very easy for us. I played the playboy successfully but something happened along the line, I fell in love with him. Funny right? Yes! I fell in love with Mark. I found out Mark was a nice fellow.He promised me heaven on earth and said he was going to change from being a playboy and his actions proved he actually did.

I was enjoying heaven on earth with Mark and with Abigail thinking I was still playing him. I wanted to tell her but I never knew how to do so, until she discovered that herself.

That was the beginning of how our friendship became sour. Abigail knew I had fallen completely for Mark and she became jealous. She felt betrayed and broken. I had to beg her that it wasn’t my fault but she wouldn’t listen. She drew a battle line and told me not to call her my friend anymore.

I was left in a world of my own. With tears in my eyes, I told Mark I needed space for a while to settle things between Abigail and l but to no avail. Abigail became belligerent and brusque towards me. She was always eager to fight. In school, we acted like enemies. Friends tried their best in settling the dispute between us but Abigail still wouldn’t want to see me. So, I made a decision to leave her to herself, since that was what she wanted.

However, she became bitter and surly again. She devised a lot of means, from mocking my present state as a sickle cell patient, to causing enmity between my other friends and I. Still I was too cautious to fall for her hurtful words and actions. Not until the very one she tried doing which led to her rape incident.

It was a faithful night. Mum sent me on an errand to go grind some pepper for dinner at the far end of the street.I became careful and watched my step as it was a quiet area with bushes around. So as not to be attacked by hoodlums on the way, I increased my pace. Suddenly, I noticed some footsteps behind me, before I knew it, I saw a group of three girls who crossed my path immediately. It was late at night so, I couldn’t recognise those girls trying to attack me but I was alarmed. I was stucked and was looking for various ways to escape until what seems like a miracle for me and a misfortune for Abigail happened.

Four guys (who I later learnt were sent by one of Abigail’s jilted ex) arrived. I ran speedily so did the other girls Abigail brought alongside to attack me.

I haven’t reached a long distance when I heard Abigail screaming vehemently for help. I stopped afar and I realised Abigail was being raped. Since I was still bitter in my heart as to why and how Abigail would come attacking me all because of Mark, the thought “serves her right” filled my mind selfishly. I was satisfied and was on my way back home but the guilt in me wouldn’t let me be.

I turned back and went to search for Abigail to see if I could rescue her by calling the police but…Alas! Abigail was dead. I wailed and threw tantrums around the street until I stood up and decided to go home, still in tears. As I got home, mum kept on asking me what has happened and I kept lamenting; “if only I had fought for Abigail, if only I had called the police,” then she wouldn’t have been dead.

This feeling of guilt in me won’t let me be at peace for the rest of my life.

Moral; Unforgiveness leads to guilt. It’s not a very easy task to forgive, especially when the person has hurt you terribly. But it’s more easy to forgive than to be in guilt because of unforgiveness. The guilt is much more unbearable when you decide not to forgive.

© Daisy.


In a society, where one’s progress annoys the other, where one’s success is the cause of hatred for the other, where the mockery of others is based on one’s downfall, where one’s success is resentfully desired.

Envy is etymologically defined as the resentful feeling of grudging admiration and the desire to have something that is possessed by another. Envy is the mother of resentment. An envious person will be angry at the progress of others. An envious senior staff will be angry at the progress of the junior staff. He/she will have the deep feeling of stopping the junior staff from progressing.

Envy is quite treacherous and malicious. An envious person can be a danger to the envied. He/she wants to harm the envied because he is envious. In our society today, most people have become malicious to one another as a result of envy. The former is afraid that the latter might harm him because of envy so he results to keeping malice with him.

Behind the “is it because she has won the cash prize now… Something that’s even luck sef” is the feeling of a low self esteem. You’re envious because you feel you can’t win the cash prize and you use that as a way to balance your self esteem. A low self esteemed person will always have reasons to envy others.
“I know I can’t win the cash prize as well but that girl that won it does not worth it.” Why did you feel you can’t win the cash prize? Low self esteem.

An envious person will always gossip about others. He/she will always want to share reasons with others why he feels the envied does not worth the position or success acquired and why he(the envious) should be the one for the position or rather why he also can’t fit the position because of his low self esteem.

An envious person is fond of idolizing others in a way that sounds rather deceitful. They always love the envied for what they are and not who they are. “If only I’ve got that kind of luck that he has got, I’d have been the one to win the competition.” Idolizing others also comes with a low self esteem. Attracting too much importance to what others have got.

You’re envious because you’re not contented with yourself. You have this habit of dissatisfaction and always wished for the good things others have got. You have something precious but you’re dissatisfied and you wished for something which seems not to be achieved for a while. Then you result to envying others who had got that thing.

Jealousy and envy works hand in hand. Jealousy is the fear of loosing a precious thing one has got. At a point in time, we all have experienced the feeling of jealousy in one way or the other. It is deeply rooted in human’s nature.

An envious person knows he’s envious but always fail to admit it. He knows he’s envious but he does not want to accept the fact that he is and without accepting the fact, he can’t come out of envy.

To come out of the stronghold of envy, you need to be honest with yourself. Admit the fact that you’re envious. Remember you can’t solve a problem without knowing the cause of it. Admitting the fact that you’re envious is a step forward to knowing the cause of your enviousness.

Avoiding comparison with others is a great way to avoiding envy. A lot of envious people are always comparing themselves with others. Instead of comparing yourself with others, why not compare yourself with yourself. Yes! compare yourself with yourself. Learn the habit of comparing yourself with yourself. “How?” (You asked.) Think about where you’re coming from and where you are now. Think about the difference between those two phases. Think about the hurdles and the challenges you’ve you’ve faced on getting where you are today. By doing tha, the thought of comparing yourself with others will be erased completely. You’re killing envy gradually.

When you avoid comparison with others, your self esteem will be boosted. To come out of envy, your self esteem needs to be improved. Believe you can do it and you certainly will. Not believing in oneself is what makes an envious person envious. Never underestimate your own brain power to overestimate others brain power.

Being grateful about one’s self is a method that has proven effective, not only in coming out of envy, but also in every aspect of one’s life. Always ask yourself… “If I’m not grateful about myself, who else will?”

Remember, comparison is a very foolish attitude because each person is unique and incomparable. Once this understanding settles in you, envy disappears.


The Wealth Quest

It’s virtually hard for you to see a child, teenage or a youth without adding “I want to be rich” as part of their future goals and expectations. They don’t know how; they just want to be rich.

I could reminisce vividly when I was very young and I’d be asked by friends and families what I wanted to become in future. My “medical doctor” wasn’t complete without me adding “I want to have plenty money.” I never knew how then, I just wanted to have it.

It’s good to aim high. It’s good to think big, it’s also good to thirst for positive things but what happens when you don’t know how to go about getting those things you yearned for?

You all hear about successful people and want to be like them. Sorts of “Oh My God! I love Bill Gates, I’d wish to be as wealthy as he is.” But have you ever asked yourself if you can strive hard to become wealthy as Bill Gates did? Everyone wants to get wealthy but only few is ready to strive hard to get wealthy.

The quest of wealth has led many to doing negative things. You’ll see a young man looking for a dubious means to get rich at all cost. They’re are unable to answer the big conundrum; where’s my quest for wealth by all means leading me to?

Our generation has exposed us to the fact that no one is too young to be successful, but what gain is it when you acquire the wealth you’re not able to enjoy? Or the wealth you got through dubious means? (I can hear you say there’s no gain in it.)

The thought of being wealthy should be accompanied with the thought of striving hard in order to become wealthy. It should be accompanied by the thoughts of taking good actions to become rich.

You might ask; “why must I strive hard to become wealthy?” But have you ever thought about it that nothing good comes easily? Have you realized that every good thing requires you sweating in one way or the other to achieve them?

By sweating, I don’t mean that watery fluid alone. By sweating means paying the price. Sometimes when you’d go hungry just to achieve your aim, when you’d be mocked by friends and families and still not despair, when you’ll fail and have the positive mindset to keep trying.

Have you ever wondered why wealthy people became wealthy? It’s plainly because they strived hard, never depaired and learnt from their failures. It’s hard to see a successful person who has never for once failed.

They’ve all failed in one way way or the other but what distinguishes them from others is that they never gave up for once. They’re always learning from their mistakes.

In all, when thinking about successful people and how to be like them, always think and ask yourself the question. “Am I ready to pay the price by striving hard?”